Black Currant Seed Oil for Skin Care

black currant oil

Black Currant Seed Oil, sometimes called Ribes Nigrum, rarely gets the attention it deserves. Being rich in Gamma-Linoleic Acid, it can treat ailments like allergies, ulcers, diabetes, and cancer. In most stores, it can be found as a supplement, or capsule. No general guideline prevails regarding how much of BCSO you should consume, and so, it is important that you adhere to the advice written on your preferred supplement.



1. Anti-inflammatory effect

GLA contained in black currant seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties. That means, it can treat arthritis pain and swelling. Also, it can treat gastritis, which can be regarded as nothing but inflammation that occurs in the stomach region. The secret behind GLA’s power to treat gastritis, according to the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, lies in its ability to stimulate the anti-inflammatory hormone prostaglandin-1’s production.

2. Anti-aging effect

Black currant seed oil can provide anti-aging benefits, too, by suppressing the production of the compound prostaglandin E2. The mentioned compound is quite necessary for our body, as it helps in muscle contraction and various other activities. However, when its amount increases, the immune system suffers negatively. That can increase the chance of getting diseases that are age-related. According to the National Institute of Health, intake of black currant seed oil can significantly suppress the compound’s production, and boost immune system function as a result. Taking just 4.5gm of BCSO per day is sufficient to avail its anti-aging benefits. Many people call black currant seed oil ‘anti-aging superstar’. The reason is that the oil possesses the ability to repair, as well as protect, skin. It contains many antioxidants which ensure anti-aging effect. Other than that, it can act as a good detoxifying purifier, too.

3. Moisturizing effect

Black currant seed oil can prove to be an excellent moisturizing agent, especially, when it comes to restoring skin dryness and flakiness. Its moisturizing properties can soothe conditions such as eczema, itchy skin, and sensitive skin.

4. Toning effect

Containing essential fatty acids, the oil can help your skin glow, become plump and firm.



1. For face care

Take your favourite cream and mix a small number of black current seed oil with it. Then, apply the non-oily and non-greasy mixture during night.

2. For scalp care

To help your hair become lustrous, rejuvenated, and fresh, mix 2 or 3 drops of the oil with your conditioner or shampoo of choice and wash your scalp.

3. For face and body care

To care for your body and your face with the help of the oil, mix a small number of drops of it with your favourite lotion, face mask, lip balm, cream, or makeup remover.

Photo by mmmavocado