Chamomile Oil for Skin Care

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A number of plants of the Asteraceae family that looks like daisy are commonly referred to as Chamomile. Blooming in the months of June and July, these plants reach nearly three feet, and feature fragrant white and yellow flowers. Chamomile, containing many components that help the human skin, is largely used to treat skin conditions.

In this article, we put a spotlight on the many skin benefits that Chamomile Essential Oil is famous for providing.



Chamomile contains a number of active ingredients, like luteolin, flavonoids, quercetin and apigenin, which give it anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antispasmodic properties. Hence, it can be used not only to calm and soothe skin, but also to heal.

The following are some of the ways the oil can compliment your skin:

1. It can relieve eczema

A number of studies conducted on humans and animals concluded that creams rich in chamomile can treat eczema symptoms.

2. It can make irritations go away

Chamomile essential oil can treat skin rashes, irritations, sunburns, bedsores, red skin, dry skin, ulcers, and hemorrhoids inflammations.

3. It can delay skin aging

Chamomile contains many antioxidants which protect your skin from radical damages, ultimately delaying aging.

4. It can treat delicate skin

Owing to its soothing nature, chamomile can be applied on fragile skin or baby skin, as well.

5. It can handle itches

Being quite identical to hydrocortisone cream, chamomile can treat bug bites, itches, and other similar issues.

6. It can heal your wounds

Since it is naturally antimicrobial and antiseptic, the oil can be used to speed up healing or to protect your skin from infections.
chamomille oil


You can use chamomile in these ways:

1. To treat skin irritation

Dab your irritated skin using a chamomile drop diluted with one teaspoon carrier oil.

2. To use chamomile spray

Take a cup of boiling water and mix a few chamomile essential oil drops with it. Then, steep the mixture for an hour or more. Having completed the previous step, pour the mixture inside a spray bottle. Use it to treat sunburn or windburn using direct spray on skin, or applying using cotton pad.

3. To relax during bath

Warm your bath water and mix a few chamomile oil drops with it, and then let the water soak for twenty minutes. After that, indulge in your bath. Bath water that contains chamomile fragrance can make your skin free from cuts, eczema, bruises, blisters, sunburn, psoriasis, hemorrhoids and many other conditions.

While chamomile is certainly not the most popular variety of therapeutic essential oils, it possesses abilities that far exceed its popularity.

Photo by Jean-Jacques Boujot