Geranium oil for skin Care

geranium plant

Organic Geranium Oil is one of the primary oils used in aromatherapy. The oil is prepared using leaves, stems, and flowers of the herb plant called Pelargonium Odoratissimum or Geranium. When used rightly, Geranium oil can benefit your skin in many ways, too. In this article, we focus on how the oil can benefit your skin and how to apply it to get great results.



This oil can help your skin in the following ways:

1. It can heal certain skin disorders

Geranium oil is a cicatrisant, and therefore, it can help your scars gradually fade away to nothingness, making your skin look beautiful and flawless. For the same reason, the oil can be used to treat skin disorders such as rashes, acnes, fungal infections, eczema, wounds and dermatitis. The oil is especially helpful for treating acnes and scars because of its ability to lower sebum production.

2. It can act as a natural cleanser

Geranium oil can cleanse your skin, too. In order to use it as a cleanser, you can either directly apply it on your skin or add a small amount of it to your bathing water.

3. It can take care of your astringent needs

Geranium oil has truly admirable astringent properties, as well. And hence, it can be used to your advantage if you want to have skin that looks toned and firm.

4. It can effectively fight aging

Geranium helps your skin become tight, preventing fine lines and wrinkles. In the long run, skin sagging is prevented by its use as it enhances muscle and tissue contraction.

5. It can properly nourish your skin

In addition to giving you the above benefits, Geranium oil can simply act as a nourishing agent for your skin. It can act like a skin tonic to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

geranium Essential oil


Using Geranium oil to make your skin radiant is easy. All you have to do is take a few drops of the oil on a ball of cotton, or on swab, and apply on your skin. You can even add the oil to your lotions, bathing products, body oils, conditioners, and shampoos to obtain its aroma-therapeutic benefits on a more regular basis.

While there are many different essential oils in the market that make your skin beautiful, Geranium oil has many properties which are very unique.