Neroli Oil for Skin Care

neroli oil

Neroli oil is produced using the flowers of a bitter orange citrus tree, native to the southern part of Vietnam, the fruits of which are used in liqueurs and marmalades.

Many people believe that the name neroli came from Anne-Marie, the countess of Nerola. Apparently, she used the same oil to make her gloves and her bathwater fragrant.

Neroli Essential Oil is aroma-therapeutic, and can help you in countless ways. Especially, when it comes to making your skin glow! In this article, we focus on the same.



Neroli oil can cleanse, tone, tighten and do many other good things to your skin. These are some of the ways it can help your skin become great:

1. It can act as an antiseptic

Having antiseptic properties, neroli oil can help your infections and wounds heal. It can kill bacteria and other microorganisms that affect skin easily, especially if you use it after cleansing your skin.

2. It can be used as a natural astringent

As it has astringent properties, neroli oil is great for smoothening skin appearance and reducing dark eye circles.

3. It can be relied on for treating marks

The oil can fade scars quite effortlessly, as well. That is because it imparts stimulating and regenerating effects on your skin. Many people use it to make their stretch marks disappear.

4. It can be trusted to check outbreaks

Acne outbreaks can be controlled by neroli oil as it stops sebum overproduction. Its astringent properties and antiseptic properties can help the cause even further.

5. It can be utilized for stimulating skin

The oil can even stimulate your skin, in order to enhance elasticity.
neroli essential oil


You can use neroli oil in a plenty of different ways:

1. To treat acne

Take a cotton ball and wet it, and then put several oil drops on it. After that, just dab your skin.

2. To reduce marks

If your goal is to treat stretch marks and scars, you can mix liquid lanolin and 3 or 4 oil drops, and then massage the mixture on your skin.

3. To regenerate cells

You can also increase your skin elasticity by regenerating skin cells. To do that, just mix 1 or 2 drops of the oil with a face cream that is unscented, and apply the mixture.


A piece of advice

Note that bitter orange ingredients may enhance your skin’s photosensitivity. So, it is important that you always trust a good sunscreen when going out in the sun.

Photo by Starzyia