safety guidelines

safety tips

You should always seek advice from your doctor about Essential oils. The following safety tips are guidelines only:

1. Do not apply Essential oils directly on skin without dilution.  The best solution is to use Carrier oils to dilute it.

2. Always do a patch test on your skin before using so you can see if your solution is diluted enough.

3. Pay attention to avoid Essential oil getting into your eyes. If it happen, rince your eyes with Carrier oil, not water.

4. Keep Essential oil away from Children and Pets.

5. You should avoid using essential oils during pregnancy and must seek advice from your doctor or your oil supplier. here is a list of oils to avoid during pregnancy: birch, cinnamon bark, cypress, jasmine, lavander, marjoram, myrrh, calamus, Basil  rosemary, spearmint,  sage, tarragon, thyme, Angelica, cedarwood, chamomile, cistus, citronella, cumin (Black), davana, rose, Arnica, wintergreen.

6. Some essential oils like citrus or cumin oil  can cause damage to the skin if exposed to sunray.

7. Do not take essential oils internally unless stated otherwise in the bottle.

8. Use a wide selection of Essential oils to avoid sensitization.

9. Use an oil that is suitable to your skin condition.

10. Do not use a specific oil if you are allergic to its source.

11. Go easy on essential oils. Less is better…