Safflower Oil for Skin Care

safflower oil

Safflower plant is a plant which is herbaceous and thistle-like. Being highly branched, the plant grows to a height of 30 cm to 150 cm. Safflower plant features globular flowery heads with red, orange and yellow flowers, and is cultivated commercially to prepare vegetable oil from seeds.
Organic Safflower Oil, when used for taking care of skin, can give you immense benefits.



Mainly, safflower oil helps your skin in the following ways:

1. It prevents aging

Safflower essential oil has the ability to decrease wrinkles by hydrating your skin, protecting your skin from the UV rays, and making your skin very soft.

2. It reduces acne

In almost all cases, acnes are caused by bacteria and toxins present in the air. Safflower oil can protect your skin from bacteria and toxins found in your surrounding air. The oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, and can enhance the integrity of your cell membranes. So, the net effect of using the oil is clear skin devoid of any acne.

3. It heals wounds

In case your skin is hurt or wounded, you may use safflower oil to increase the rate of your skin’s healing process. As safflower oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can make almost any wound heal quickly.



You can use the oil for:

1. Skin protection

Massage your skin using the oil after taking a bath to help your skin lock moisture. The act will help your skin resist dryness, and remain protected from various pollutants.

2. Hand care

To take care of your hands with the help of safflower oil, mix a few drops of the oil with almond oil and apply the mixture on your hands two times per day. You will gradually see your hands getting softer and smoother.

3. Body moisturizing

During your shower or bath, you can mix a bit of the oil with your soap to help your skin clean better and remain moist for longer durations.

4. Face oiling

Take ten to eighteen safflower oil drops and mix with an ounce of a carrier oil having antioxidant properties. One oil you can choose is grapeseed oil. Since grapeseed oil is light, it gets absorbed by your skin pretty quickly. Also, its antioxidant nature increases the otherwise short shelf-life of safflower oil. The reason safflower oil has a very short shelf-life is because it contains lots of fatty acids of the unsaturated kind.

Safflower oil can make your skin youthful and radiant very quickly and very easily. All you have to do is give it a chance to show its superiority.

Photo by William Moore Farms